EuroBrake Student Opportunity Programme 2020 Success - Feedback from experts



September 2020

The Student Opportunities Programme (ESOP) was a great success at EuroBrake 2020. EuroBrake was due to be held in Barcelona, Spain, from 2-4 June; however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we could not hold the physical event this year. But that did not stop another successful programme!

We not only welcomed students, but also industry and academic experts to support, guide and answer questions from our eager students in virtual sessions - they were keen to learn all things braking! As we knew that not all students would be able to attend at the same time as they were joining us from all over the world, our industry professionals kindly joined two of each session to ensure that all ESOP students could have the opportunity to participate.

Industry and academic experts joined us from around the world - they provided Introductory Lecture videos for the students to watch online in advance of the Programme. During the introductory sessions, the participants discussed the international braking industry and anwered the students questions. Students joined a Round Table session, hosted by ESOP sponsor Altair and other experts, then students joined smaller group sessions to discuss their CVs and gain career advice.

Dr. Martin Haigh hosted Surgery Sessions for all students to join virtually - this included advice and information about meetings, interview skills, confidence building and resilience.

We were assisted by the EuroBrake Student Opportunity Programme Working Group, made up of industry and academic braking experts who advised and assisted us on the planning and roll out of this year's initiative. Our thanks go to them all for moderating many sessions and leading the Intro Lectures. FISITA CEO Chris Mason supported the sessions throughout by providing advice and information for students.

Once again, another successful ESOP and our thanks go to all experts who contributed their time and expertise. We received a lot of positive feedback from experts who were involved in ESOP 2020:

"ESOP 2020 was a great opportunity to present our topics to very enthusiastic students from all over the world. Not only the quality of the presentations was excellent, but also the Q&A platforms were a very attractive kind of discussion... The enthusiasm of the students was so impressive – they followed the presentations very focused and used the talks as a possibility to get in touch with the industry experts. ESOP 2020 was a very well organized and received event – let’s go on to repeat it in 2021!"

"I was positively impressed by ESOP 2020 as initially, I did not expect a transfer of the content into a virtual event would work that well. But it did! The introductory lectures with its supporters were on a very high level and students were highly thankful for the web page + discussion session through which the content was delivered".

"We were able to invite a greater amount of professionals that could participate from their office (that wouldn’t have been at EuroBrake)".

"I have had the pleasure of working with the ESOP Students over the past few years and the face-to-face environment has worked extremely well. When I found out that ESOP 2020 would be a ‘virtual’ conference I was not sure what to expect. I must say, however, that the conference was well-organised, extremely enjoyable and quite easy to navigate. The first ESOP day was very interesting and it was pleasing to witness the students asking compelling questions about the braking industry – now and in the future. On the second day we held four graduate employability surgeries with around 8 -10 participants in each session. The guests were very savvy with the ‘Teams’ platform, they were highly attentive and asked very insightful questions which illustrated their interest and enthusiasm for developing their work-related skills".

"Following the ‘ESOP online 2020’ event, the graduates have been posting some very positive comments, on social media and via e-mail, about the whole event organisation and the surgeries as well. As the graduates had so many questions I have created and issued a background reading and video-link list to signpost the participants to further areas of study. I wish them well in their new careers".

If you would like to be a part of the ESOP 2021 programme, please keep an eye on our brand new website for more information on how to apply!

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