EUROBRAKE 2020: Matthias G. Müller - Heavy-duty Application of a Composite Brake Disc in Plug-in Design



September 2020

EuroBrake 2020

Heavy-duty Application of a Composite Brake Disc in Plug-in Design is now available from Matthias G. Müller, Erdrich Umformtechnik GmbH, on the EuroBrake website. He answers a few related questions below:

What do you find most interesting about the topic you are presenting on?
Sport application does not have to be the most expensive one. Even if we use aluminium and look for an ultra-lightweight solution, basing on simple manufacturing steps we can generate a component which presents a top performance and is available for an acceptable price

How has coronavirus affected your work and has it had a direct impact on the work you are presenting?
We had to delay our plans regarding the prototype phase. We hoped to include some test results in the paper, but actually we’ve just made some parts and they haven’t been tested yet. Nevertheless, we don’t give up because we know that some sports car manufacturers are interested in this concept

Who do you think will be most interested in seeing your presentation and who would you most like to ask questions about it?
Above all, sports car manufacturers, but also brake or brake disc manufacturers.

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About Matthias

Matthias G. Müller

Dr.-Ing. Matthias Müller is heading a Business Unit at company ERDRICH dedicated to braking relevant parts. ERDRICH is an automotive supplier with production locations in Germany, Czech Republic, USA and China.

Matthias studied Mechanical Engineering at Stuttgart University, followed by his PhD in Laser Applications for Automotive Industry. In collaboration with local OEMs Matthias developed several processes and products getting introduced in mass production.

Over the last 18 years now, Matthias had several leading functions in the automotive supply business - last but not least focusing on the braking technology.

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