EUROBRAKE 2020: Keiichiro Nishimura - Improvement of High-Temperature Performance in Copper-Free NAO Pads



September 2020

EuroBrake 2020

Improvement of High-Temperature Performance in Copper-Free NAO Pads is now available from Keiichiro Nishimura, Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd., on the EuroBrake website. He answers a few related questions in this Spotlight.

What do you find most interesting about the topic you are presenting on?
The impact of organic content on transfer film formation, friction characteristics and wear.

How has coronavirus affected your work and has it had a direct impact on the work you are presenting?
Telework and web conference are recommended, so my work is slightly delayed because of decreasing communication. However, we have adapted to new workstyle gradually.

Who do you think will be most interested in seeing your presentation and who would you most like to ask questions about it?
I think researchers in other friction material companies will be interested in my paper. I would like to discuss with those who are involved in formulation of friction materials.

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About Keiichiro

Keiichiro Nishimura

Keiichiro Nishimura is an engineer at Hitachi Chemical responsible for fundamental of brake friction material. He studied biochemistry at Kyushu University. He began his work at Hitachi Chemical R&D Center as a researcher about inorganic material and polymer. He has worked as a member of basic development team about friction material for two years.

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