EUROBRAKE 2020: Felix Rickhoff - Test Device for Precise Investigations of Transport Phenomena in the Boundary Layer



September 2020

EuroBrake 2020

Test Device for Precise Investigations of Transport Phenomena in the Boundary Layer is now available from Felix Rickhoff, Technische Universität Braunschweig, on the EuroBrake website. He answers a few related questions below:

What do you find most interesting about the topic you are presenting on?
How particles behave in the boundary layer of a frictional contact as well as how the formation of characteristic structures of these particles in turn influence the tribological characteristics is a very interesting phenomenon. The development of a suitable test rig and test procedure for this phenomenon is also an exciting aspect of this research.

How has coronavirus affected your work and has it had a direct impact on the work you are presenting?
Due to the restrictions, especially at the beginning of the pandemic, we were forced to use new communication channels. We also had to reorganize our work routine, sometimes by working from home and sometimes by reducing physical contact at our workplace. Our work has also been influenced in such a way that laboratory tests could only be carried out under special conditions.

Who do you think will be most interested in seeing your presentation and who would you most like to ask questions about it?
The investigations presented are fundamental investigations on dry friction contacts. We would therefore be pleased if everyone involved in such friction contacts, e.g. the brake industry, would be interested in this topic. I would be interested to hear what experience specialists from research and the brake industry can contribute to this topic.

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About Felix

Felix Rickhoff

Felix Rickhoff is a research assistant in the tribology around Prof. Dr.-Ing. G.-P. Ostermeyer at the Institute of Dynamics and Vibrations in Braunschweig, Germany. He studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Braunschweig. His current subject of research are the transport phenomena in the boundary layer of frictional contacts.

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