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Impact of Oil Consumption on Particulate Emissions for Diesel Engines

Presented at: FISITA 2002 World Automotive Congress

Conference Organiser / Publisher: SATL more from this publisher

Language: English

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Paper Code: HELSINKI2002/F02V327


Froelund, Kent - Engine & Vehicle Research, Southwest Research Institute
Leet, Jeffrey - Engine & Vehicle Research, Southwest Research Institute
Stewart, Daniel, W. - Engine & Vehicle Research, Southwest Research Institute


By October 2005, Euro 4 emission limits will be introduced in Europe for on-road trucks, reducing the particulate emissions from 0.10 particulate. Since the fuel-derived particulate is presently the highest contributor, much research has been focused on its reduction. The literature is well established in this area. In comparison, the oil-derived particulate and its reduction have devoted much less attention in the scientific publications.

This paper will first summarize what is known about the lubricant oil impact on particulate by introducing sample data from the literature. Second, sample data will be shown for the impact of engine design on oil consumption. Third, sample data will illustrate the impact of lubricant design on oil consumption and particulate emissions.

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