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Student Opportunities Programme at the FISITA World Mobility Summit 2020

FISITA is committed to supporting the next generation of mobility engineers and promoting lifelong learning for all. As part of this dedication, we deliver a Student Opportunities Programme (SOP) at every FISITA event and this year’s Summit was no exception. Despite not being able to bring together students and international delegates from industry and academia in person, we delivered a successful SOP this year and were delighted to hear the positive feedback from students.

Students applied online and a select group were invited to participate in the Technical Sessions, World Café Sessions and the Summary Sessions. In addition, we offered a dedicated Student Welcome hosted by Chris Mason, FISITA CEO, as well as a Student Q&A session which brought together the group of students with some of the speakers and moderators of the sessions. This insightful session gave students the unique opportunity to ask questions and discuss the Summit topics with international experts and become more involved with the FISITA community.

“I am really grateful for getting an opportunity to attend an international Summit organised by FISITA. I was exposed to a lot of new things in the Summit, which is currently more futuristic as far as my home country India is concerned. This summit has taught me there is a lot I have to learn and know, to cope up with the present and the future.” – Mohamed, Student at Summit SOP 2020

“The technical content was good – speakers and topics were diverse and insightful to the industry. It was particularly interesting to see the topics from the industry perspective – sometimes media coverage of this topic isn’t always totally in line with the opinions or share the same long term vision so it was really good to see how big corporations are assessing how they plan to pivot their products in the following decades. The World Café sessions were really good, and I think for me the best part – discussing questions and getting quite good engagement from the group was very interesting to listen to. I think that I did have enough information about the sessions going in, and it was in line with my expectations, but perhaps a technical paper released after the presentation could have complimented the technical events” Nick, Student at Summit SOP 2020

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