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Spotlight on FISITA Society Member SATL

The Association of Automotive Technical Societies in Finland (SATL) held a webinar gala on 28th October – the idea of the SATL Automotive Thesis Gala 2020 was to showcase some of the best theses from the field of automotive design, research etc. published during this year and allow them to be presented to a wider audience. The audience and SATL jury judged the presentations, and the best ones were recognized.

Due to COVID-19 it was impossible to have a gala with live presentations in front of an audience. Therefore, the presentations were recorded beforehand, and shown in a webinar which included a host to start and introduce the presentations and to provide a wrap up a summary at the end of the day.

There were eight theses presented from five different universities, each lasting 25 minutes. The pre-selection of the presentations were made by the universities and the topics were wide ranging from Automotive Aftersales to Research and Development.

The audience had the opportunity to vote (grades 1-5) after each presentation via the webinar application. All the presentations were held in Finnish and they can be seen afterwards from our website

After the scores were calculated, Mr. Miska Teponoja won – his thesis was related to hands on R&D project (L1e type IC-scooter conversion for an electric powertrain). Mr. Rane Ylönen took second place. Rane’s thesis dealt with Automotive Aftersales challenges (the guarantee repair process economy for an authorized automotive repair shop).

The next National SATL Automotive Thesis Gala will be held Autumn 2021, hopefully with a live audience.

View SATL’s profile on the FISITA Directory.

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