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Q&A with Thilo Krah-Tomala, Business Development Manager, Brake Disc Coatings, Oerlikon

EuroBrake 2021 Gold Sponsor Oerlikon outlines plans for its first appearance at EuroBrake

EuroBrake 2021 marks Oerlikon’s first appearance at EuroBrake.

In this Q&A, Thilo Krah-Tomala, Business Development Manager, Brake Disc Coatings at Oerlikon discusses Oerlikon Metco’s commitment as a Gold Sponsor at EuroBrake 2021.

What existing products and services are you planning to showcase at EuroBrake 2021?

We are very excited to present Oerlikon’s growing portfolio of brake disc surface solutions. These innovations build on over a decade of material development, manufacturing, and testing experience in brake disc coatings. Each generation further improves the value proposition by reducing cost, while meeting challenging industry requirements for dust emissions, corrosion performance, and wear reduction.

Our full range of coating solutions, powder materials, equipment, and services for process implementation uniquely positions Oerlikon as a development partner and supplier. The focus on surface solutions enables flexible business models that supports various implementation speeds based on our customer needs.

Oerlikon has three groups of surface solution offerings that will be showcased during EuroBrake 2021:

DiscCover™ Eco is an entry level solution for e-mobility battery electric vehicles, or BEVs. The coating process improves wear and corrosion resistance, and protects both outer surfaces and cooling channels.

DiscCover™ Jet is competitive in both internal combustion and hybrid engine segments. Designed for performance in passenger and heavy vehicles, the first iterations have been successfully operating in series production since 2019. The latest version under development improves the cost efficiency with single layer MetcoBrake™ materials.

DiscCover™ Beam is a novel solution suitable for mass market adoption via improved cost efficiency. This uses a single layer laser cladding process, known as EHLA and High Power, and new patent pending MetcoBrake™ materials.

Do you plan to announce any new products and services at EuroBrake 2021?

Yes, we are announcing the expansion of our DiscCover™ Jet and DiscCover™ Beam solutions through the introduction of new patent pending MetcoBrake™ materials. These materials enable high performance through low cost, one-layer solutions using either thermal spray or laser cladding processes. We are excited to discuss these innovations publicly for the first time in our presentation: Novel Computationally Designed Brake Disc Coatings for Thermal Spray and Laser Cladding. Anyone who is interested should contact us directly for more information!

MetcoBrake™ 9500A and MetcoBrake™ 9501A offer cost-efficient powder suitable for one layer laser cladding solutions for GCI discs, crack-free, and free of Ni Co Cu.

MetcoBrake™ 9503A is a cost-efficient powder suitable for one-layer thermal spray solutions for GCI and aluminium discs, crack-free, and free of Ni Co Cu.

In addition to showcasing your own products and services, what are you hoping to get out of EuroBrake 2021?

Our firm has a unique offering to the brake disc community that goes beyond simple product and service offerings. We hope that EuroBrake 2021 will enable new and existing partners to see the depth of value that Oerlikon can provide in accelerating high impact innovation.

Oerlikon’s combination of high throughput material design, pilot and production scale material manufacturing, application development, coating equipment, and ramp up coating services positions us to work across the supply chain, and to solve a wide range of end market challenges.

Are there particular solutions or technical topics that you are hoping to learn more about, or any companies that you are looking to connect with?

Potential partners interested in developing and commercializing the next generation of brake disc coatings should reach out to discuss how we can work together.

You can follow updates from Oerlikon on LinkedIn:

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