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ISC Speaker, Yanan Zhang on the construction of a vehicle networking safety system

Event: FISITA Intelligent Safety Conference China 16 July Changchun, China and online

Name: Yanan Zhang, Director of Intelligent Connected Vehicle Department

Company: China Automotive Technology & Research Center

Presentation Title: Thoughts on the construction of a vehicle networking safety system based on standard compliance and safety baselines

Session: Cybersecurity

What are you planning to talk about at the Intelligent Safety Conference, and who do you think will benefit most from what you have to say?

At present, the number of connected vehicles in the market is gradually increasing, and key technologies for the Internet of Vehicles continue to make breakthroughs. The Internet of Vehicles has entered a critical period of application demonstration and scale development. As a third-party organization in China's automotive industry, the China Automotive Center is deeply involved in the formulation of WP29 regulations, ISO SAE 21434 and other international standards and regulations, and at the same time, it is also developing China's automotive information security national standards. This topic will bring about the “four steps” of the Internet of Vehicles security assurance based on the national regulatory and governance experience and the current status of Chinese Internet of Vehicles safety development, which involves the management system, product technology, link security, and situational awareness of the four dimensions of the Internet of Vehicles proposed by the China Automobile Center.

What other factors do you expect to shape the development of intelligent safety technology? (e.g., legislation or standards, new technology, or changing consumer expectations)

Policy guidance: The successive promulgation of international and domestic policies and regulations and the successive implementation of technical standards are bound to affect and standardize the current development direction of smart security technology, leading the way for the development of technological compliance.

Technology-driven: The continuous emergence of new technologies and new fields will bring development dividends and at the same time introduce new security risks, and security technologies will also arise in response to demand. This is the inevitable demand that determines the supply.

The market catalyses the birth: Market-oriented consumption and personalized demand have become the mainstream of the current social process. Intelligent security technology will meet the ever-changing consumer expectations and needs through continuous refinement, deepening, and normalization of evolution.

What attracts you personally to the area of intelligent safety?

Mission responsibility: Intelligent security is related to national security, social security, and the safety of the people's lives and property. It is an inescapable responsibility to safeguard national interests and ensure social stability, and the responsibility to lead the way into the game.

Historical opportunities: While smart technology is changing people’s lifestyles, the issue of smart security arises at the historic moment. Facing historical changes from scratch, it exudes huge challenges and charm.

Development of the blue ocean: As a new variable for improving quality and efficiency in the field of intelligent security, the "new blue ocean" of economic growth has huge potential for development.

What advances or changes in intelligent safety would you most like to see implemented in mainstream vehicles?

I hope that the protection of personal privacy and the handling of sensitive information in vehicles will be further strengthened to prevent the leakage of user information from causing safety issues and property losses. At the same time, it establishes a sound early warning mechanism for security incidents, and cooperates with intelligent security functions such as visual cloud monitoring, situational awareness platform, cloud rescue, etc., to escort users' travel. Improve the vehicle's active defence capabilities, carry out multi-layer encryption of various codes in the vehicle, improve its own defence capabilities before hackers invade, and prevent problems before they occur.

Register for the FISITA Intelligent Safety Conference China to attend the full event in Changchun, or check back on the webpage for the link to watch the Keynote Session, Panel session and 'Impacts of Human Factors on Safety' session live streamed on the day.

About Yanan Zhang

Responsible for the research on the cybersecurity system and technology of intelligent and connected vehicles; responsible for the establishment of the China Automotive Information Security Sharing and Analysis Center (C-AUTO-ISAC); responsible for the preparation of "Voluntary Product Certification Implementation Rules-Automotive (CyberSecurity)" , "Automotive CyberSecurity Testing and Evaluation Specifications", "Automotive CyberSecurity Vulnerability Rating Specifications"; participating in the formulation of domestic and foreign automotive cybersecurity standards and policies, leading the "CyberSecurity Technical Requirements for Vehicle Information Interaction System", "Automotive CyberSecurity Risk Assessment Specifications", etc. The formulation of key cybersecurity standards; as the head of the delegation, she has organized many Chinese representatives to participate in ISO/SAE 21434 international standard drafting meetings; responsible for international exchanges and international cooperation in the field of intelligent networked vehicles. Participated in 5 special and demonstrative projects of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China, 2 projects in Tianjin, 4 key projects in the China Automobile Center, and published more than 10 papers in the field of intelligent networking and automobile cybersecurity.


About FISITA Intelligent Safety Conference China 2021

Registration is now open so book your place today.

FISITA and China SAE are delighted to confirm that the third annual FISITA Intelligent Safety Conference China will take place 16 July 2021 in Changchun, China, with physical or online participation available to registered participants.

Following highly successful events in 2019 and 2020, FISITA Intelligent Safety Conference 2021 will run as a stand-alone conference for the first time.

The 2021 event will feature keynote speeches and a panel discussion, followed by three parallel technical sessions on the Safety of the Intended Functionality (SOTIF), Cybersecurity and the Impacts of Human Factors on Safety.

The event is co-organised in China by Jilin University and Automotive Innovation and supported by Tsinghua University and the CAICV SOTIF Working Group.


Sponsor packages are available. To discuss sponsorship participation, please contact Nadine Lloyd at

ISC 2021 Sponsorship Opportunities
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