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ISC Speaker Stanislav Lincer discusses his talk on a Comprehensive Safety Concept

Event: FISITA Intelligent Safety Conference China

16 July Changchun, China and online

Name: Stanislav Lincer, Functional Safety & Cybersecurity Director

Company: Great Wall Motor Co. Ltd

Presentation Title: Comprehensive Safety Concept

Session: SOTIF - Safety of the Intended Functionality

What are you planning to talk about at the Intelligent Safety Conference, and who do you think will benefit most from what you have to say?

In non-deterministic systems we often immerse into thousands of testing hours within real environment in order to argue acceptable level of safety. My talk will introduce the Great Wall Motors study, where the goal is to improve both, the safety itself, and the validation coverage with even decreased amount of real road testing. Presentation can be of interest for Functional Safety Engineers of ADAS items.

Intelligent safety technology is at the heart of mobility development – how do you see it evolving as ADAS develops into fully autonomous functionality?

Some believe that the 99% completeness milestone in ADAS was already reached. But only few are aware that this pending 1% may still cost us 99% of the energy. In my opinion we will see unprecedented focus on intelligent safety during next decades.

What other factors do you expect to shape the development of intelligent safety technology? (e.g., legislation or standards, new technology, or changing consumer expectations)

Worldwide unified legislative framework would facilitate the ADAS development. There will still be important differences between regions, but the less artificial obstacles we let to distract the engineers, the more energy can be invested into the safety.

What attracts you personally to the area of intelligent safety?

Can we imagine a better attraction than a chance of saving thousands of human lives?

What advances or changes in intelligent safety would you most like to see implemented in mainstream vehicles?

Being an engineer, I would welcome a real-time transparency into how good driver my ADAS L4 vehicle actually is. For example to know what the probability of an accident was in that particular moment, when that bicycle run into my way during strong rain tonight. Or simply what was the accident probability during the whole last week. This feature would also allow to compare different carmakers as this data could be anonymously accessible online. Technically this can be achieved for example via mandatory unified monitoring SW provided by external authorized body and integrated within each ADAS vehicle. Such a SW would estimate in real-time, how much "safety buffer" was still left in every moment and how accurate and on-time all the predictions were. Most importantly, this transparency would provide quick gratification to all the carmakers/service providers for improving their safety.

Register for the FISITA Intelligent Safety Conference China to attend the full event in Changchun, or check back on the webpage for the link to watch the Keynote Session, Panel session and 'Impacts of Human Factors on Safety' session live streamed on the day.

About Stanislav Lincer

Stanislav has dedicated 20 years to Research and Development in the Electronics field, during which, in the last 15 he has been fascinated by the safety in the automotive area and invented 7 patents in that field. Throughout the time of his stay in Germany, he led the safety of the Electrical Powertrains in BMW AG. And finally, in 2017, Stanislav accepted the challenge and joined Great Wall Motor Co. Ltd. to drive the Intelligent Safety on the company’s exciting digitalization journey.


About FISITA Intelligent Safety Conference China 2021

Registration is now open so book your place today.

FISITA and China SAE are delighted to confirm that the third annual FISITA Intelligent Safety Conference China will take place 16 July 2021 in Changchun, China, with physical or online participation available to registered participants.

Following highly successful events in 2019 and 2020, FISITA Intelligent Safety Conference 2021 will run as a stand-alone conference for the first time.

The 2021 event will feature keynote speeches and a panel discussion, followed by three parallel technical sessions on the Safety of the Intended Functionality (SOTIF), Cybersecurity and the Impacts of Human Factors on Safety.

The event is co-organised in China by Jilin University and Automotive Innovation and supported by Tsinghua University and the CAICV SOTIF Working Group.

FISITA ISC 2021 Programme
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