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HORIBA Europe GmbH are coming to EuroBrake

Updated: May 11, 2021

HORIBA Europe GmbH is a Gold Sponsor for EuroBrake 2021, marking the company’s eighth consecutive year of exhibiting and sponsoring at the event, and underlining its commitment to the EuroBrake conference.

Here Greg Filer, Product Manager Brake Test Systems/Application Manager Brake Dust Measurements at HORIBA Europe GmbH outlines the company’s plans for EuroBrake 2021.

What products and services are you planning to showcase at EuroBrake 2021?

We’ll be showcasing brake testing solutions for different mobility areas, ranging from two-wheelers, to passenger vehicles, to heavy-duty trucks, as well as railway and aerospace applications.

We’ll also highlight brake dust testing, including scientific analysis, as one easy-to-use solution, covering the challenge of non-exhaust emissions.

And we’ll showcase solutions to address challenges related to electrified vehicles, including regenerative braking.

We’ll also be presenting complete solutions, including noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) and climatic chambers.

Besides conventional brake dynamometers, we’ll also be focusing on chassis brake dynamometers for full vehicle testing of both two-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles.

And we’ll discuss our state-of-the-art Brake Test Center in Germany for standard, special, and even highly customized brake contract testing needs.

In addition to showcasing your own products and services, how are you hoping to benefit from EuroBrake 2021?

We’re looking forward to receiving industry insights and learning about future trends, fostering exchange and networking opportunities with customers and industry experts, and discussing possible solutions for industry challenges with customers and partners.

What solutions or technical topics are you hoping to learn more about?

We want to understand the current challenges when manufacturing brakes. For example, what new challenges come with an increasing focus on electrification? And what are emergency braking solutions for electrified vehicles?

Which companies are you looking to connect with?

We want to connect with brake pad manufacturers and aftermarket manufacturers to discuss future challenges.

You can follow updates from Horiba at: HORIBA: Overview | LinkedIn

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