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FISITA Education Advisor Luděk Hynčík - what's happening?

FISITA committee members are involved in a range of different activities with FISITA from planning and helping manage technical content for our range of events to supporting our student opportunity programmes. This Spotlight finds out more about the involvement of Luděk Hynčík. Luděk is Vice-Rector for Research and Development at University of West Bohemia; Visiting Professor at Tianjin University of Science and Technology; a Global Associate at Global Advisory Group; VP of the Czech Automotive Society (CAS); and FISITA Education Advisor.

1. Can you explain your role as Advisor on the FISITA Education Committee?

My advising role is based on my many years of experience in research and academia and also in FISITA. Together with VP and DVP Education, we motivate FISITA members to share and transfer good practices all around the world to their colleagues.

2. How long have you been involved with FISITA?

My first touch with FISITA was 21 ago during the World Automotive Congress in Seoul in June 2000. As a university representative (a PhD student in that time), I inclined to education activities, so starting as a corresponding member via the full member, I finally served as VP Education in 2016 - 2020, so the advisory role is a natural continuation.

3. What is your involvement with the FISITA World Congress happening next month?

I am responsible for the student activities. During the Congress, I will continue the advisory role via the Education Committee and I will lead the round table "Educating the Mobility Engineers of Tomorrow".

4. You are also involved in a workshop next month, can you talk a little bit about that and who can join?

The workshop aims on virtual simulation technology in mobility safety. Everybody, who wants to learn about the most significant research, development and discoveries in virtual approach for traffic safety, discover technical and business opportunities, and network, shall participate.


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