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FISITA President, Dan Hancock, Congratulates SAE Int. on its 100 Year Anniversary

FISITA President, Daniel M. Hancock, was among the invited speakers at a special ceremony held in Detroit yesterday to mark the 100th anniversary of SAE International.

Hancock joined VIPs and invited guests from all sections of the global mobility community to pay tribute to SAE International’s achievements over the past century. Presidents of several other FISITA member societies also attended the ceremony which took place on the eve of the SAE World Congress at Cobo Hall.

Hancock made special mention of past FISITA Presidents from SAE Int., Jo Gilbert (FISITA President 1982-84) and Dr. Jack Schmidt (FISITA President 1994-96).

SAE Int. was founded in 1905 in New York City with just 30 members, all of whom were early pioneers of the fledgling automotive industry in North America. Today, SAE Int. is FISITA’s largest member society with 84,000 members. The society joined FISITA in 1982.

Celebrations marking the 100-year anniversary continue throughout 2005 and details can be found at:

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