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FISITA Annual Spring Meetings 2021

Over the next couple of weeks, the FISITA Committees will be gathering online for the Annual Spring Meetings, closely followed by a meeting of the Executive Board.

With a member led vision, each committee has aligned its agenda with the key priority topics from within the two workstreams established by the International Strategy Group; and are increasingly collaborating to achieve multifaceted and enriched outcomes.

An example of a recent collaboration can be found in the form of the Mobility Engineering 2030 White Paper Part 1.

Focusing on their objectives each committee will be discussing and planning the progress of their individual projects and initiatives.

The current FISITA Committees are:

  • Education Committee - guides and oversees FISITA's activities in support of the global education, training and career development of students and young engineers.

  • Industry Committee - guides and oversees FISITA’s activities in support of the interest of its Corporate Members.

  • Society Committee – creates, sustains, and develops active and meaningful cooperation between Society Members.

  • Technical Committee - leads collaborative workstreams and support members to progress technological development.

FISITA is dedicated to supporting the next generation of mobility engineers worldwide and to promoting the importance and benefits of life-long learning for all students and engineers.

To find out more about how to participate in these discussions and the work of FISITA please visit

Engineers create solutions, FISITA supports them to do so. Regardless.


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