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FISITA Adds New Expertise to its UK Ltd Board

FISITA, the international membership organisation for the automotive and mobility systems engineering profession, today announced the addition of new expertise to its UK Ltd Board through the appointment of two new non-executive directors.

As the international FISITA organisation continues to build its membership and influence, the extended member community has divested operational, regulatory, corporate and financial governance to the UK based and registered company, FISITA (UK) Ltd. In his capacity as Chair of FISITA (UK) Ltd since 2017, Paul Mascarenas OBE, has worked with CEO Chris Mason in establishing a Board of experience and capability.

Most recently, FISITA (UK) Ltd welcomes equality, diversity and inclusion specialist, Ms Jo Foster, who will support the organisation as it develops and matures its focus on EDI, ensuring that it advocates, incorporates and promotes fair and equitable working environments for its employees and members.

Prof. Nick Reed, of Reed Mobility is also appointed to the Board. Widely recognised as an industry expert, specialising in the strategy of mobility, Prof. Reed, a Chartered Scientist and qualified psychologist, brings a breadth of skills, expertise and from a successful career to date, which includes experience within organisations such as TRL and Bosch.

Speaking of her appointment Jo Foster said “I am pleased to join such a prestigious Board and to contribute to FISITA on this important topic – conversations around EDI are prevalent, particularly in the current climate and more emphasis is being placed on the importance of inclusivity and equal opportunity for employees and stakeholders. I very much look forward to working with the rest of the FISITA (UK) Ltd Board.” Nick Reed said “The automotive sector is evolving rapidly – I’m delighted to be able to offer support to FISITA in helping to create the highly capable, dynamic and inclusive automotive engineering community that will be needed to deliver a safe, sustainable and effective mobility ecosystem.”

Both appointments bring relevant knowledge and experience to the Board of FISITA (UK) Ltd, ensuring that it sustains its knowledge base in a rapidly advancing technological landscape, meets with its own expectations within the professional and societal environment, while meeting its regulatory requirements, and corporate expectations it sets of itself and the FISITA UK business operation.

FISITA (UK) Ltd also thanked Dr Karl Siebertz, Ford Motor Company Head of External Alliances for his significant contribution to FISITA over the last decade as his appointment to the UK Ltd Board comes to an end.

Speaking of these important developments, FISITA (UK) Ltd Chair, Paul Mascarenas said ‘We are delighted to be able to bring further expertise to the Board and thank Jo and Nick for joining the Board of FISITA (UK) Ltd. I’m certain they’ll both contribute to the continued and progressive aspiration of the international FISITA community in ensuring we deliver against our corporate and societal aspirations. Finally, my thanks to Karl Siebertz for his extraordinary contribution to FISITA, which has spanned a decade to the benefit of our organisation and the international automotive and mobility systems engineering community’

More information on the FISITA (UK) Ltd Board can be found here

Engineers create solutions, FISITA supports them to do so. Regardless.


Since its establishment in 1950, FISITA’s mission has been to deliver collaborative thought leadership and support to the world’s automotive and mobility systems engineers. During this time, the range of skills required of engineers has broadened significantly, but their goal to create safe, sustainable and affordable solutions that interact with people, and more recently, infrastructure has not changed.

FISITA is well placed to bring together engineers, industries and academia in a spirit of cooperation to share knowledge, progress thought leadership and advance the adoption of next-generation technology safely and ethically.

To find out more, please visit and follow FISITA on Twitter and/or LinkedIn.


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