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EuroBrake welcomes back Link Engineering for their 8th year

FISITA welcomes Link Engineering Company to their eighth EuroBrake as a Gold Sponsor in 2021.

At EuroBrake 2021, Roy Link - Chief Executive of Link Engineering Company and Chair of the SAE Brake Colloquium - will take part in the EuroBrake Leadership Discussion, alongside EuroBrake Chair Jan Münchhoff, and Seong Rhee. The panel discussion, moderated by Chris Mason, FISITA Chief Executive, will address a range of topics, including the impact of new technologies and business models, the regulation of brake emissions, and the importance of cross-industry collaboration.

Here, Roy and the LINK team share what they have planned for EuroBrake 2021.

What existing products and services are you planning to showcase at EuroBrake 2021?

LINK is excited to be participating in EuroBrake 2021, and we are planning to showcase multiple products and services. Existing products range from brake testing machines to laboratory management and vehicle testing tools.

Being a testing leader in the braking industry, LINK will be highlighting numerous brake dynamometers, including our High-Speed Rail Brake Dynamometer for train brake performance and noise testing; our NVH Chassis Dynamometer, designed for small passenger cars up to commercial vehicles; and our Performance Brake Dynamometer, perfect for running research and development testing.

With brake emissions becoming a hotter topic within the industry, we are proud to be leading advancements in this area as the designated and approved brake emissions/particulate matter lab for CARB, CALTRANS, and the EPA. As such, we will be focusing on our Brake Emissions Test System, an enclosed, dynamometer-based brake sampling system for replicating duty cycles from vehicles and collecting samples of particulate matter under tightly-controlled conditions.

LINK is more than just your brake testing partner, as we also offer products and services for numerous applications and industries. During EuroBrake 2021, we would also like to feature our data and control acquisition software. Within the lab, our in-house developed Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), LabLINK, enables laboratories to monitor and efficiently track the live status of equipment, while our RegenSim software is the most advanced regenerative braking testing software available to the market today. LINK also specializes in vehicle testing, and we plan to showcase our V-Max data logger, built for customized vehicle testing solutions.

Do you plan to announce any new products or services at EuroBrake 2021?

In April 2021, LINK announced the release of our Hub Motor and NVH Test System, a new dual function or combined torque and speed test system that integrates both hydraulic braking and motor drive testing into a combined operation. The unique combination of these two test features provides comprehensive capabilities to characterize wheel corner hub motor and conventional brake assemblies, simulating actual vehicle conditions and including an environmental sound chamber for precise measurement of noises from the motor or hydraulic brake systems. We are happy to discuss this innovation during EuroBrake, and in the meantime, more information can be found here.

In addition to the above, we will also be showcasing our newly-released Advanced DAQ Series Control Board, part of LINK’s next evolution of our control and acquisition testing solutions. The latest Control Board is the heart of the data acquisition I/O system and consists of a high-performance embedded controller and an 8-slot backplane populated with a variety of accessory boards.

Thirdly, LINK Europe now offers new vehicle testing routes and services in Germany and Spain. Our new NVH test routes for NVH and wear endurance tests are now available for use throughout the Taunus mountains in Germany, as well as Mojacar, Spain.

In addition to showcasing your own products and services, what are you hoping to get out of EuroBrake 2021?

EuroBrake 2021 is an exciting opportunity for LINK to be involved in a unique global event. First and foremost, we are excited to reconnect with our customers and network with industry professionals. We are specifically looking forward to connecting with the European market and promoting our new technologies as well as our diversification of capabilities within and outside of brakes. We are hoping to hold meetings and engage in meaningful discussions within the virtual platform while participating in knowledge sharing opportunities throughout the technical sessions.

Are there particular solutions or technical topics that you are hoping to learn more about, or any companies that you are looking to connect with?

Topics of interest in the agenda:

Topics of interest, not on the agenda include:

  • Wheel slip/traction control for vehicles equipped with regenerative braking

  • Investigations on brake wear particle density

  • Aftermarket Brake Topics

You can follow updates from Link Engineering Company at: Twitter: @LinkEngCompany

LinkedIn: link-engineering


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