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EuroBrake 2022 Poster session overview

The EuroBrake 2022 Poster session will take place on Wednesday May 18th and will be chaired by Prof. David Barton, University of Leeds & Parimal Mody, Automotive Brake and Friction Expert.

Topics and speakers for the Poster session include:

Fundamental properties of particle emissions from automobile brake system

Kosuke Harihara, Tokyo Denki University

Natural latxa sheep wool as an environmentally friendly component for friction materials

Pablo Monreal, Knorr-Bremse

Evaluation of environmental impact from production of CNSL-based friction particle through life cycle assessment

John Maxwell, Palmer International

Quantifiable measurement of brake feeling: A case study of the feeling characteristics of vacuum booster, electric power booster and brake-by-wire systems

Allan Johnstone, Anthony Best Dynamics Ltd

Regioflexx: A new generation of integrated brake control for mainline trains

Paolo Pietro Piccione, Wabtec

Laser cladding of gray cast-iron brake disc; the effect of solid lubricant on the tribological properties and emissions

Hossein Rajaei, University of Trento

Raw materials strategies for the friction industry to become LME independent in the future

Carlos Lorenzana, RIMSA Metal Technology, SA

Overview of tests and driving cycles conducted on an inertial brake dynamometer in the testing of particles formed during brake wear

Saša Vasiljević, University of Kragujevac


Gino Fronzoni, Omnia Advanced Materials

We will be announcing the winners for this year's Poster competition live at EuroBrake.

For more detailed information on the Poster session and the full programme please view the EuroBrake website.

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