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EuroBrake 2022: Global standards and ISO update session overview

The Global standards and ISO update session will take place on Tuesday May 17th and will be chaired by Sebastian Gramstat of Audi AG and Wolfgang Schroeer of DRIV.

Topics and speakers for the session include:

Conversion of ISO PAS 22574 into an ISO DIS Standard

Andreas Jandl, FEMFM-Federation of European Manufacturers of Friction Materials

This project consists in converting the ISO PAS 22574 (Publicly Available Specification) into an ISO DIS Standard. The scope of such tool is to provide a process where manufactured friction product (finished product) is visually inspected for both particulate and cosmetic/functional defects. The visual inspection catalogue plays an important role in applied quality management and in the formation of quality awareness. Further, it is the responsibility of the operator/inspector to annually re-qualify inspection process to determine ability to distinguish known product rejects from acceptable product.

Standardization of drag mode friction test for hydraulic and pneumatic vehicle brakes

Nicolae Penta, TMD Friction

The updated form of New Work Item Proposal (NWI) was completed and submitted to the ISO representatives in January 2021 and the approval is pending.

The ISO draft for friction testing in drag mode is in the final stages of completion. It contains the actual practice used in industry, based on the standards and test methodologies currently in place.

The test phase for validation has been carried out, the Round-Robin test has been completed and the evaluation of results to validate the ISO draft is on the final stage.

ISO PWI 4792 - road vehicles – friction-relevant brake disc specification

Sebastian Gramstat, Audi AG

Brake Discs are very complex components in regards of their composition, design, properties and their manufacturing processes. Therefore, a working group is established to work on friction relevant disc specifications.

Sub-tasks and correlating sub-teams were already defined. In a first step, a general chapter in regards of nomenclature is prepared, as well as a screening of already existing standards from public domains is carried out. A special focus is given to NVH-relevant items to prepare best-practice recommendations for Eigenfrequency and damping determinations.

At Eurobrake 2022, recent work progress of this relevant working group is presented and discussed.

ISO 6310 Compressive strain testing

Carlos Agudelo, Link Engineering Co.

This presentation focuses on the ongoing efforts to update the compressibility test method to further define proper testing and measurements, keep it current, and harmonize it with other industry standards and regulations. Among others, such efforts involve improved definitions, reflecting requirements from the ECE R90, improved sample conditioning, the possible expansion for enabling testing of full air disc brake pads, and adjusting brake pressures and temperatures for vehicles with regenerative braking systems. The presentation also provides a comparison to other methods to characterize the compressive behaviour of friction materials.

Update on SAE brake committees

Carlos Agudelo, Link Engineering Co.

Standards do not happen without persons. This presentation provides an overview of current initiatives on different SAE committees working on braking systems, modules, and components. The topics cover passenger cars, light trucks, and commercial vehicles. The standards include work related to friction materials, foundation brakes, braking systems for performance, durability, and NVH, using physical and inertia dynamometer testing.

JSAE global standardization activities update

Masaki Hayakawa, Akebono Brake Industry

JSAE restructured its organization to mirror the committees of ISO/TC22 in year 2015.

Sustained for many years, JSAE Friction Brake WG consists of 2 laboratories, 10 vehicle and 8 automobile part manufactures.

It promotes activities corresponding to WG10 "Brake Linings and Friction Couples”.

Especially, JSAE have been focusing on the following four (4) projects and carrying out activities.

1. Brake Particle Emission (BPE)

2. ISO/DPAS 22596 Metal Pick-Up (MPU)

3. Revision of ISO6310 include Heat

4. Brake Disc Specification (BDS)

In this presentation, we will introduce the latest activity situation, point of focus on standardization, future policy of activities, and so forth mainly for Brake Particle Emission (BPE) and Brake Disc Specification (BDS).


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