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A Comparison between Stationary and Dynamic Wear Tests of Brake Pads

Name: Jacek Kijanski

Company: TU Braunschweig

Presentation Title: A Comparison between Stationary and Dynamic Wear Tests of Brake Pads (EB2021-FBR-001)

Session: Fundamentals of Friction, Tuesday 18th May 2021, 11:00 - 12:40 (Central Europe Summer Time - CEST)

What do you find most interesting about the topic of your presentation?

The wear investigations at our institute are carried out very systematically in small but insightful steps. Almost every new measurement, whether by changing the procedure or the materials, shows us something new about wear. This is something very interesting for me. Attributing the effects that occur to individual influencing factors, even if this means looking at the measurement results again and again in great detail and from different perspectives.

When discussing this topic with industry peers, what question are you most frequently asked? How do you answer it?

One question is to what extent the results on the tribometer can be transferred to real conditions. To answer this question, we need to go into more detail about the specific issue. For many questions we have a very precise transfer function from pin-on-disc to the real world, for some questions there is still a need for research.

Who do you think will be most interested in your presentation, and who would you most like to ask questions about it?

I think anyone who wants to better understand brake pad wear may have an interest in this presentation. This can be because of the metrological approach or the insights gained. I would like to get questions from industry partners who are dealing with lifetime issues of automotive brakes.

What specific topics or technology are you hoping to see in other presentations or in the exhibition?

I am interested in all kinds of topics related to wear and emissions on brakes. In particular, the metrological approach, but also theoretical insights regarding the phenomena that occur and the practical benefits are in my focus.

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About Jacek Kijanski.

Jacek Kijanski is a research engineer in the tribology working group under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Ostermeyer at the Institute of Dynamics and Vibrations in Braunschweig, Germany. He studied at the Technical University of Braunschweig, where he is currently working towards a PhD. His current research topic is the metrological investigation of wear behavior in automotive brakes.


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