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Influence of the Air Gap Between Brake Disc and Pad on PM10 Wear Emissions During Cruising Condition

Name: Hartmut Niemann

Company: Technical University Darmstadt

Presentation Title: Influence of the Air Gap Between Brake Disc and Pad on PM10 Wear Emissions During Cruising Conditions (EB2021-EBS-004)

Session: Brake Emissions Macroscopic Part 2, Wednesday 19th May 2021, 11:30 - 13:10 (Central Europe Summer Time - CEST)

What do you find most interesting about the topic of your presentation?

The most interesting about brake wear emissions in my opinion is the complexity and interaction of the processes leading to brake wear emissions, which makes it very challenging and also very interesting to investigate them.

When discussing this topic with industry peers, what question are you most frequently asked? How do you answer it?

One of the most frequently asked questions is regarding possible solutions for the reduction of PM10 (10µm particulate matter) and PN (particle number) brake wear emissions as well as their reduction potential, advantages and disadvantages.

Who do you think will be most interested in your presentation, and who would you most like to ask questions about it?

As the topic is quite complex, I would be happy to have a broad discussion with experts from many fields, especially experts in the areas of caliper design, residual drag, tribology and aerosol measurement.

What specific topics or technology are you hoping to see in other presentations or in the exhibition?

Especially studies regarding the influencing parameters on brake wear emissions would be interesting to compare and discuss the results from other researchers in this field with our studies.

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About Hartmut Niemann.

2010-2017: Academic studies in Mechanical and Process Engineering at TU Darmstadt

  • Bachelor Thesis at FZD: “Validation of a Methodology for the Analysis of Tire Marks Generated under Side Slip Angles”

  • Master Thesis at Adam Opel AG: “Analysis of the Applicability of Experiments on a Four Post Test Bench for the Validation of Vehicle Vertical Dynamics”

Since 01.04.2017: Research Associate at the Institute of Automotive Engineering (FZD) TU Darmstadt. Research Topics:

  • Influencing parameters on brake wear particle emissions

  • Validation of Driving Dynamic Simulation Models

  • Experimental parameterization of Driving Dynamic Simulation Models

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