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'Call for Contributions' - FISITA Position Paper on Next Generation Mobility

The FISITA Next Generation Mobility working group are writing a Position Paper focussed on the challenges, opportunities and potential solutions in the following five key areas:

Automotive – Aerospace – Advanced Air Mobility – Rail – Integrated Transport

As we look towards a future of carbon neutral mobility and zero fatalities, the need to cooperate with other industries to solve future issues is a vital part of a holistic approach. Different, alternative safer and more environmentally friendly ways to move from A to B are being considered and created, helping to shape the future transportation system.

The FISITA Next Generation Mobility working group are looking at evolution in the five key areas and have devised the following questions to aid discussion, knowledge share and creation of the Position Paper.

Share your expertise with the FISITA international connected community by submitting your contribution(s) to this Paper today!

We are looking for contributions to the Position Paper from those with expertise in any of the five key areas, who can provide, opinion, facts and data. Click below to view the questions for each area:

You are invited to submit your contribution on one or more of the topic areas by the deadline of Friday 20th May 2022.

Submissions and enquiries should be sent to Kelly Williams at


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