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Call for Contributions - FISITA Autonomous HW/SW Cluster Briefing Paper

The FISITA Autonomous Hardware & Software Cluster are writing a Briefing Paper focussed on "Complexity of the Problem and Technical Performance of Sensing and Perception."

Contributions are being sought on the following questions:

Sensor Performance


  • Specific sensor requirements from an application standpoint

    • What application are you sensing for and what are the requirements for this application. For example Parking would require 360 deg FoV and minimum requirement would be Ultrasonic?

  • Distance – when looking at the actual performance of the vehicle, what is the range required for LiDAR and Radar detection for specific speeds and applications?

  • Physical mounting of the sensors – where is the best place to mount sensors on a vehicle and what considerations need to be taken into account?

Power Budget


  • What is the power budget allotted to sensors today and how will it change as we move to EVs?

  • Do you prefer to move to solid state sensors to prevent power, thermal, and vibrational issues?

  • Will we require more EMC testing or is there new communication protocol (ethernet)? When will CAN be replaced?

Environmental Model


  • What’s an acceptable frame rate for each of these sensors (LiDAR, Radar, Camera)?

  • What level of data is required? Is edge computing acceptable? (Could range from raw point cloud to high level data)?

You are invited to submit your contribution on one or more of the topics above by the deadline of Tuesday 6th July 2021.

Submissions should be sent to Kelly Williams at

For more information click here.


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