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Baja SAEINDIA 2023

Alongside our Society Members, FISITA is committed to supporting the next generation of mobility engineers worldwide. We're pleased to share information from SAEINDIA about the fantastic opportunity that Baja SAEINDIA 2023 will provide for aspiring young engineers.

Greetings from BAJA SAEINDIA! We are rebooting the leader-board for the next edition and are thrilled to invite you to sign up for the exciting challenges that await in BAJA SAEINDIA 2023.

To engage students in gaining practical experience in aspects of design, simulation, fabrication and validation of an All-Terrain Vehicle, BAJA SAEINDIA was initiated in 2007. Since then, the competition has expanded to host two categories - IC engine powered vehicles (mBAJA) and battery powered vehicles (eBAJA).

To combat the obstacles raised by the COVID - 19 pandemic, BAJA SAEINDIA announced its virtual season in 2021. This edition was conducted entirely online with teams presenting their designs and simulating its performance using globally benchmarked automotive testing software. Students were provided with licenses, training sessions and technical support to aid them in preparation for the competition. Revolutionizing the standard of competition, BAJA SAEINDIA has grown to receive recognition on a global scale and attracted participation of international teams in its previous edition.

BAJA SAEINDIA 2023 is going forward with the combination of both virtual and physical evaluation methods to analyse the quality and performance of the vehicle. The competition has been designed to be conducted in three phases, details of which have been tabulated below:


Event Tentative Schedule

Phase 1

Preliminary Round

July 2022

Phase 2

Virtual BAJA SAEINDIA mBAJA & eBAJA (Static + Virtual Dynamic)

Oct - Nov 2022

Phase 3

BAJA SAEINDIA - Pithampur (mBAJA Dynamic)

Dec 2022 – May 2023

BAJA SAEINDIA - Bangalore/Pune (eBAJA Dynamic)

BAJA SAEINDIA - Punjab (mBAJA Dynamic)

This year, BAJA SAEINDIA welcomes the participation of international teams in all 3 phases of the competition. For further clarity, the proposed structure of BAJA SAEINDIA 2023 has been briefed below for your reference:

Phase 1: The Preliminary Round is an online evaluation of the team's overall proposed vehicle design concept (vehicle integration, powertrain, suspension & steering, etc.) along with details of DFMEA, DVP, etc.

Phase 2: Virtual BAJA SAEINDIA 2023, hosted via Zoom Video Conferencing platform evaluating the performance of teams in the Static Event presentations (events include Sales & Marketing, Cost, Manufacturing, Design, CAE, etc.).

The Virtual Dynamic Events require the vehicle to be modelled and simulated using IPG Carmaker software. Licenses and training sessions are provided to the students on how to navigate the software to model the vehicle and create the various simulation environments for testing purposes. A standardized set of tracks designed to reflect the actual terrain on-site are provided by BAJA SAEINDIA for teams to simulate their models and optimize their driver and maneuver parameters. The teams then submit the final vehicle model which is simulated by BAJA SAEINDIA on the day of the event and live streamed online (tracks include brake performance, acceleration, hill climb/ gradeability, suspension & traction, maneuverability, all terrain performance, etc.)

Phase 3: The third phase will host mBAJA and eBAJA categories individually with different schedules. It includes the final round of static evaluations, the validation event which compares a vehicle's virtual and physical event performances and the final physical dynamic events.

Detailed guidelines will be released prior to the commencement of each phase. BAJA SAEINDIA encourages teams to participate and provides year round support through its Alumni and Technical Committee members.

The registrations for BAJA SAEINDIA 2023 are open until 5th July 2022.

Link for the registration guidelines:

In case of any queries, please revert to We look forward to your participation!

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