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Apply now for the Student Opportunities Programme at FISITA World Congress 2021

Virtual Islands of Excellence

This initiative provides a unique opportunity for universities and research institutes to showcase their innovative mobility projects, as a part of the virtual exhibition at the FISITA 2021 World Congress. Due to the current global situation, student teams are encouraged to apply to present their projects on the virtual platform.

Important Dates

20 June 2021 – Deadline to submit applications

30 June 2021 – Notification of applicants

This is an excellent opportunity for universities to display their mobility‐related engineering projects and capabilities as well as foster new and existing international relationships with industry and academia. For student teams it is the perfect place to display the research/project work, share knowledge and start networking and building contacts for a future career in the automotive industry.

Projects can be submitted under the following themes

  1. Digital Transformation

  2. Advanced Vehicle Driveline and Energy Management

  3. Emissions and Pollutants Caused by Vehicles

  4. Conventional and Alternative Fuels and Lubricants

  5. Mobility Comfort

  6. Automated and Connected Mobility

  7. Vehicle Dynamics and Controls

  8. Passive and Integral Safety

  9. Vehicle Electronics and Software

  10. Manufacturing, Materials and Lightweight Solutions

Target Group

Universities and educational institutions that are interested in showcasing creative, unique and forward‐thinking research projects to address the future needs of the automotive and mobility industry.


Next Steps

  1. Download the application form.

  2. To apply, send the filled application form to the Students and Young Engineers Committee - Assoc. prof. Luděk Hynčík, Ph.D. at

  3. Find out more about the FISITA 2021 World Congress here.

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