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A new Chairman for SATL

The Association of Automotive Technical Societies in Finland bolsters its academic expertise with Kari Tammi

In May 2022, Kari Tammi took on his new role as Chairman of

the Association of Automotive Technical Societies (SATL) in Finland,

bringing with him academic expertise and a firm grasp of the

university environment. Tammi aims to carry the association

forward by taking a conversational approach and strengthening

international networking.

Tammi joins SATL with a background in academia and has worked at Finland's Aalto University as Associate Professor in Design of Mechatronic Machines since 2015. In addition to his research duties, he works as Head of Mechatronics Group and as Vice Dean of the School of Engineering with special responsibility for the impact of the school. Tammi brings a strong grasp of the academic world to to SATL.

Kari Tammi teaches mechatronics courses, some of which focus on electric and hybrid power transmission and autonomous vehicles. Having worked previously as a Research Professor at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, he has been involved in the development of electrified vehicles since 2009.

Tammi is taking a developmental approach to his new role as Chairman of SATL. The challenge and long-term development goal for the sector is to attract new talent. His conversational approach will engage with this challenge and drive fruitful cooperation between universities, companies and associations.

“In the automotive sector, the skills requirements are quite diverse, covering for example: business expertise, marketing, maintenance and recycling. Our shared challenge is to communicate this reality to young people – because few things work well without good transport. I think that we can sharpen our message and move things forward in this key area by discussing the issues together," Tammi says.

One of the objectives is to boost cooperation with FISITA and form a network of people interested in following the Working Groups and providing information to SATL members.

"There is great opportunity in using such an international network to disseminate expertise in different directions. Through FISITA, we can access the best network of experts in the world. We are looking for

good contacts in Finland who can keep in close contact with the different FISITA Working Groups," Tammi


More information:

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