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Under the development trend of “new four modernizations”, the coupling relationship between traffic participants is continuously strengthened, the action mechanism is dynamically evolving, and safety is the fundamental consideration for large-scale applications of high-level autonomous vehicles. Vehicle intelligent safety will confront novel scientific issues and key challenges,such as operational safety, SOTIF, Cybersecurity and so on. To promote the gradual realization of intrinsic safety of vehicle systems, it is urgent to break through the scientific theory of vehicle intelligent safety, overcome difficulties in perception, decision-making, control, and test technologies, and develop forward-looking safety assurance systems to ensure their safety and stability in complex and dynamic traffic environments. This report first expounds the connotation and research scope of vehicle intelligent safety, focuses on the common scientific issues of intelligent safety in the development of high-level autonomous driving. And then explores the coupling relationship between vehicles, traffic participants and various elements of the environment. Furthermore, the report tries to establish a new system architecture in the field of vehicle intelligent safety, and sorts out feasible development ideas and solutions. Finally, the development trends and best practices of future high-level autonomous driving intelligent safety technologies are discussed in depth. Based on all-stage, multi-dimensional, and systematic basic theories and key technologies, vehicle intelligent safety can provide basic guarantee for the advancement of high-level autonomous driving.

Towards high-level autonomous driving of vehicle intelligent safety technology

EB2012-IBC-004 • Paper • EuroBrake 2012 • IBC


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