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Changsha Automobile Innovation Institute’s Division of Acoustics is supported by a team of sound designers, music producers, engineers, scientists, and psychologists. The primary goal of this group is to design and test audio for electric vehicles, fuel-cell engine vehicles, and combustion engine vehicles. The team is made up of people from a diverse range of backgrounds drawing from an equally diverse range of diciplines. Communication between team members can be a challenge. Guidelines for describing the sound design process are not well-established when compared to visual design, where products can be described by illustrations. (Mullet & Sano, 1996; Kress & Van Leeuwen, 1996; Watzman, 2002; Buxton, 2010). Similarly, in the field of industrial design objects can be outlined by 3D models or multiple 2D illustrations (Urban & Hauser, 1980; Krishnan & Ulrich, 2001; Roozenburg & Eekels, 1995; Eppinger & Ulrich, 2016; Sokovic & Kopac, 2006). In addition to this issue, communication between team members can be challenging when individuals have studied and worked in different disciplines. This communication gap is the main issue that will be addressed in this presentation. Another issue is that today’s product sounds continue to be based on the subjective experience of the product sound designer, which prevents effective communication between the sound designers, engineers, scientists, psychologists, and clients. In order to complete our work to a higher standard, the sound design processes both within the Division and between the Division and its clients must be made more effective. The presentation will reference previous research to highlight the importance of building a comprehensive theoretical framework to support the process of sound design for vehicles, while introducing the relevant work being done by Changsha Automobile Innovation Institute.

Structuring the sound design process for the automotive industry: communication and subjective evaluation

EB2012-IBC-004 • Paper • EuroBrake 2012 • IBC


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