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Software-defined vehicle and Thermal Management System - how the developing process gets influenced by that matter, to ensure high efficiency and comfort for the passengers What is the customer demands on todays and tomorrow’s vehicles? On the one hand, no one doubts anymore that the evolution from fossil-based mobility towards electrical propulsion is rapidly progressing. As a result, we are facing new challenges in the usage of energy in vehicles. A significant part of the energy consumption is spent on conditioning the components such as the battery, and cabin conditioning; therefore, efficient heat pump solutions are becoming increasingly state of the art, and the use of the waste heat from the e-drive and battery is becoming standard. We have seen on the market very often there is no longer just a single supplier for the thermal management system and the software, but very often there are solutions to find the best in class for almost every component. This also creates a strong needon the software side to find the right solution and there is a big need for frontloading in the virtual model-based development process. From an OEM´s point of view, we often see the strategy that there is a strong wish to be the owner of the software which means that the Thermal Management Software should also be part of this strategy. Therefore, AVL has developed a process with a model-based development approach to ensure that we can balance the system architecture in terms of efficiency and also provide all the functionality with different modes and features an electrified vehicle brings with it. And we have defined new ways of working with our customers to meet these new requirements. AVL defined a process across the entire development process by using the model-based development approach for function validation and integration – we also launched a high dynamic thermal LAB to test the thermal system and to validate the complex thermal management control strategy. This in a way ensures that the system and control validation can be performed very efficiently without waiting for a mule car as the thermal validation is completely decoupled from the vehicle commissioning. We will give an overview of how we validate the system on a testbed by having the thermal system in hardware on the rig and while emulating the ambient, driving scenarios battery, and e-drive behavior under full dynamic conditions. We also show our fully integrated services for data handling and monitoring from the initial simulation until the fleet data after launching the car – to quickly respond to events that do not meet the defined system requirements. To address the above-mentioned challenges, it is key to have developed a balanced thermal management system with the right features and a harmonized operation strategy to handle the different temperature levels in the system. In our presentation, we show how the generated models help choose the right concept. Therefore, we use the models at least in a real-time environment, so that we can run different use cases as well as a virtual WLTP cycle. AVL’s expert will perform several virtual tests to match integrated thermal systems and features with customer requirements and identify the best fit for customer conditions. The interconnected approach allows simultaneous virtual testing of several conditions thus shortening iterations. Finally, we transfer the generated models to our Thermal Lab solution to perform system tests with models in the loop. Consequently, re-using the generated models along the V-Process, especially in the early stages, is key to securing a stable development process and reducing prototype variants.

Mr. Michael Bires, Director Product Line Thermal Management, AVL List GmbH

Software-defined vehicle and Thermal Management System - how the developing process gets influenced by that matter, to ensure high efficiency and comfort for the passengers

FWC2023-SDV-011 • Software defined vehicle


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