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As the automotive designs shift towards domain centralized E/E architectures, complex interaction between different subsystems and complex use cases will require “plug and play” concepts in which verified and tested individual modules should plug in to a framework and work reliably and safely as expected. Autosar is one such standardized framework which defines the interaction of modules and provides abstraction of hardware from application layers making the development more flexible. This standard enables the design of safety-oriented systems with different levels of ASILs and the secure exchange of data with other systems. The limitation of the Autosar framework is that, although it clearly defines interfaces, it does not guarantee performance by itself. In addition, reuse of the same module in a different domain requires a major rework. In this paper, the authors have outlined a practical process to address these shortcomings. The process is based on the experience of the authors in designing complex “safety and security” critical systems. In addition, to get a broader perspective the authors have also gathered data and best practices from different design teams across Aptiv. This paper addresses the good design practices to be followed in order to achieve a robust design which meets the system constraints. The approach outlines the best practices for a generic embedded design, keeping safety and security at the desired levels. Aptiv has created its own guidelines for safety and security that are to be strictly followed during the development life cycle. The process mandates that these practices should be followed over and above the guidelines provided by Autosar framework and Autosar stack vendors. In conclusion, the practical approach proposed by the authors enables the design of reusable and robust components. Going forward all the software platform for the vehicle with adhere to the below design principles: 1. Robust Design Methodology 2. Plug and play/ Reusable Design 3. Design considerations for safe and secure systems

Mrs. Sinu Isac, Principal Engineer, APTIV Technical Center India

Plug and Play Concept for Safe and Secure Design

FWC2023-SDV-008 • Software defined vehicle


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