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Research and/or engineering questions / objective The purpose of this study is to develop a tyre abrasion measurement test method with the following main objectives: • Improvement tool (if we can measure, we can improve) • Standard method including all test conditions • Representativity (similar condition than real driving) • Repeatability (same tyre, same result) • Reproducibility (testing in several locations giving same result) Methodology The approach followed for this study has been to develop an in-vehicle accelerated test cycle for proving ground. This new test method has to be correlated to public road test cycle using normal driving conditions. To ensure this correlation wear energy calculation from both regular and new methods has been used and compared. Results The final result of this study has been a standardized test cycle method to measure tyre-abrasion rates in mg/km. This new methodology needs a shorter total testing distance and uses a much more controlled environment such as proving ground test tracks. Limitation of this study Due to budget restrictions, only 2 benchmark candidate tyres were tested with the new method. More candidate tyres should be tested in order to obtain a much more statistically representative test result and, therefore, a more robust analysis. What does the paper offer that is new in the field in comparison to other works of the author? This paper is showing an innovative perspective of tyre abrasion measurement using an accelerated test method on controlled proving ground environments. This test method obtains the same amount of tyre mass loss in a shorter period / distance travelled when compared to conventional open road testing. This reduction can be translated into a significative cost reduction opportunity, but also a time reduction. Conclusion The wear energy calculation includes road surface and road configuration, as well as driver behavior, therefore those influencing factors are removed from the equation.

Mr. Ricard Anadon, Senior Product Manager, Tyre and Wheel Homologation and Certification, Applus IDIADA

New Tyre Abrasion Test Method

FWC2023-RGE-004 • Regulatory environment


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