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Research and Engineering Objective: Efficient management of resources is crucial for businesses to maintain their competitive edge in the market. However, due to the dynamic nature of the industry, resource management is often challenging. To address this, Applus+ IDIADA has developed a web-based software tool called the IDIADA Resource Portal (i-RP). The software aims to assist project leaders in managing resource allocation efficiently by providing real-time resource utilization predictions. Methodology: 1. Carried out an in-depth examination of the resource management hurdles in the industry. 2. Recognized the necessity for a web-based software solution to overcome these obstacles. 3. Created the IDIADA Resource Portal (i-RP) utilizing the Django framework and Python programming language for the backend and HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the frontend. 4. Incorporated advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to establish a predictive model that recommends the most suitable candidates for each project or job. 5. Conducted testing and optimization of the RMP to ensure its efficacy in enhancing resource utilization and project efficiency. Results: The initial versions of the IDIADA Resource Portal (i-RP) deployed at IDIADA demonstrated improved project planning and resource allocation, resulting in maximized resource utilization and increased project efficiency, as evidenced by the findings. Limitations: The IDIADA Resource Portal (i-RP) offers a sophisticated means of managing resource allocation, including advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to establish a predictive model that recommends the most suitable candidates for each project or job. However, there is a scope for further development to enhance the real-time indication of a person's overloading status. This is currently addressed by creating an advanced algorithm that accurately predicts an employee's availability based on their skill set and other relevant factors, thereby ensuring optimal resource utilization and efficient project management. New Solution in the Field: The IDIADA Resource Portal (i-RP) provides a streamlined and efficient means for engineers to manage human resources across various locations with a top-down planning approach. This web-based tool eliminates the need for manual resource allocation and offers intelligent options to choose from. Essentially, the i-RP utilizes advanced algorithms and machine learning to predict employees with appropriate skill sets for specific projects, resulting in optimized resource utilization and improved project efficiency. Conclusion: The significance of effective resource management in the Automotive Engineering sector is emphasized in this paper, and a potential solution for the industry's challenges is suggested through the use of the "i-RP".

Mr. Sudip Chandratre, CAE- Head of Department at IDIADA Automotive Technology, Pune, India, Applus+ IDIADA India

Artificial Intelligence-Driven Optimization of Resource Management in Automotive Engineering.

FWC2023-PMG-001 • Planning and Management


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