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KEYWORDS – Sudden Start, Quick Shift Down, Abuse Load, Driver Profile etc. ABSTRACT - Manual transmissions are used in Indian market for passenger cars because of their simple structure, high efficiency, and low cost along with additional advantage of CNG fuel option. Research and/or Engineering Questions/Objective : During vehicle development, reliability and performance of Manual transmission unit is evaluated. Reliability of Manual Transmission unit is confirmed by doing durability test under constant torque and RPM for gear and bearing life evaluation. Another important check for reliability of manual transmission is evaluation for abuse load such as sudden start and quick shift down condition. Generation of these abuse load in vehicle is majorly governed by Driver Profile, Road conditions, GVW, Tire Size and various parameters linked with clutch. Methodology : This paper describes the work which was carried out for determining the effect of different variables on the generation of Abuse loads. Actual tests were performed on vehicle with different vehicle weight, Tire Size, Driveshaft stiffness, Clutch Clamp Load, Clutch Torsional Stiffness, Clutch Disc Cushion, Clutch Disc coefficient of Friction, Peak Torque limiter. Results : Results are analyzed in terms of magnitude of abuse load and understanding of waveform behavior. Results for all the parameters shall be discussed in detail in main manuscript and important variables influencing abuse load are summarized. Limitation of study: In this paper work is limited only to actual experiments and results are discussed for factor influencing abuse loads. Simulation and correlation with actual results will be future scope of work. What does the paper offer that is new in the field including in comparison to other work by the authors? No such extensive study results are available, which can help the designer about the abuse loads and their main influencing factors. Conclusions Quantification of factor influencing for abuse load is done in this paper. Also above study shall be beneficial for estimation of vehicle abuse loads for future applications and its impact on overall strength of transmission Unit.

Mr. Manish Kumar, Drivetrain Testing - Relability, Maruti Suzuki India Limited

A Experimental Approach for Quantify the Influencing Factor Responsible for Generation of Abuse Loads in Manual Transmission for Passenger Car

FWC2023-PCM-015 • Personal, commercial & multimodal mobility


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