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The C-ITS enabled Dynamic Traffic Management as a Service (C-DTMaaS) refers to the coordinated provision of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) services as one combined suite of services integrated in dynamic traffic management of multimodal transport. The objective of the paper is to present the concept of C-DTMaaS by introducing the theoretical background and elaborating on “deeptraffic 101”, a novel operational dynamic traffic management platform, developed based on the above-mentioned principle. The main challenge that this work aims to address is the provision of a solution for leveraging and integrating C-ITS technologies into traffic management optimization processes. The methodology of this work is comprised of the theoretical background and the development of the “deeptraffic 101” solution. The theoretical background includes a thorough literature review on the state-of-the-art of traffic management and connected vehicles technologies. By identifying the research gaps of the domain, the C-DTMaaS framework and its core principles were defined. Based on this conceptual framework, the design and development process of the “deeptraffic 101” platform is described, providing insights into the platform’s systems - elements and the technologies used for their implementation. The platform design relies on the exploitation of microservices architecture which is an architectural style that structures an application as a collection of services that are independently deployable and organized around business capabilities, to deliver complex applications rapidly, reliably and sustainably. The platform elements are comprised of the Scenario Manager, the Dashboard, the C-ITS Broker, and the Mobile App, each one serving different functionalities. The results of this work aim to showcase the efficient implementation of the “deeptraffic 101” platform in real-life applications in various road networks. More specifically, specific use cases where the platform was implemented is presented, including its application in urban road networks and highways both in Greece and in Europe. The anticipated benefits relate to various impact areas affecting the road network, such as road safety, traffic efficiency, and the environment. The only limitation of the work presented in this paper is related to the results section and the fact that until now the platform was applied in road networks addressing cars and no other transport modes. The application of the “deeptraffic 101” in road networks including other transport modes is a part of the next steps of this ongoing work and it will be achieved in the context of research programs which will start in the coming months of 2023. Compared to previous works, this paper offers a comprehensive framework for C-ITS enabled multimodal dynamic traffic management, presenting in parallel a tool for achieving such purposes. The work introduces a novel approach to traffic management through the development of a platform capable for exploiting connected vehicles’ data fused with multi-source traffic detectors’ data and achieving highly accurate and up-to-date traffic management and control measures and strategies for dynamic traffic management optimization. Overall, the paper provides a valuable contribution to the field of transportation management by showcasing the potential of emerging technologies for improving traffic flow and reducing congestion. This work introduces the concept of a web-based service for traffic managers and road operators, which launched initially in the context of the C-MobiLE research project (funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020). The presented solution provides a user-friendly environment tool, integrating at the same time multiple data streams (probe vehicle, connected and conventional, data, sensor data, environmental, and weather data) for dynamic traffic management. “deeptraffic 101” provides traffic managers with added-value features for holistic dynamic traffic management and for the delivery of increased quality services to connected vehicles, contributing significantly to traffic efficiency increase, road accidents and emissions reduction and overall, to mobility improvement, bridging the gap between the various existing fragmented solutions and services.

Mrs. Areti Kotsi, COO, DEEPTRAFFIC

C-ITS enabled Dynamic Traffic Management as a Service

FWC2023-ITS-005 • Intelligent transport systems


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