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A case study: Maximizing Value Extracted from Manufacturing Data by Combining Data Analytics with Technical Problem Solving Dr. Jürgen Philipp Wagner, Bosch Industry Consulting, Spain KEYWORDS – Problem Solving, Continuous Improvement, Data Analytics, Statistical Thinking, Digitalization. ABSTRACT - Objective: As a result of the 4th industrial revolution, organizations have started to accumulate huge amounts of manufacturing process data, often necessitating significant upfront investments. Yet many of them struggle to extract substantial benefits from these data, even when employing advanced AI methods for pattern detection. This paper aims to address this issue by demonstrating how combining Data Analytics with more traditional Problem Solving and gemba-based approaches can successfully create substantial value for organizations. Methodology: This paper employs the case study approach, based on recent data from a Technical Problem-Solving intervention in a manufacturing organization. It shows how statistical data analytics is combined with methods of convergent problems solving to identify the missing link between the existing manufacturing process data and the technical root cause. The presentation includes economic considerations. Limitations: The case study offers insights that can be transferred to many organizations facing similar issues and aims to provide an impetus for theory building. However, due to the nature of the case-study approach, its generalizability is limited. What does the paper offer that is new in the field in comparison to other works of the author? While past contributions of the author were primarily aimed to advance theory building in the academic realm, this study provides new and innovative insights that the author argues are of substantial relevance for practitioners and organizations in the transition to I4.0. Conclusion: The author of this paper argues that availability of “big” data alone will often fall short of delivering on the value promises of I4.0. This paper presents a case study exemplifying of how value from manufacturing process data can be exponentiated by combining Data Analytics with proven and powerful technical Problem Solving and gemba-based approaches. This paper concludes by presenting the impressive business case underlying this study.

Dr. Jürgen Philipp Wagner, Senior Project Manager, Bosch Industry Consulting

A case study: Maximizing Value Extracted from Manufacturing Data by Combining Data Analytics with Technical Problem Solving

FWC2023-IND-002 • Industry 4.0


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