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Smart manufacturing which makes manufacturing process efficient, sustainable, productive quality control. Includes several technologies to integrate many domains production planning and estimation, purchase, marketing, sales etc. It can be defined as fully integrated collaborative manufacturing system. This paper contains structured systems design of smart manufacturing system, entity relationship diagram of manufacturing process of manufacturing unit of fabricated automotive components, and system analytics of smart manufacturing system. Smart manufacturing refers to the wide spread of digitalization of all manufacturing practices from the factory floor to all aspects of all business. This include product design, supply chain, production distribution and sales. Production planning design and estimation (PPDE) are important aspect of smart manufacturing system. PPDE connected to several technologies like CAD, CAM 3D printers, computer networks like personal area network (PAN), local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), and metropolitan area network (MAN). These networks can be connected to internet and make available it to different corner of the world. Smart manufacturing bringing the elements of smart technology sensing inputs, computing power, always on connectivity, artificial intelligence, and advanced data analytics. 3D printers used to create product model and prototype which make product design easy to understand. 3D modelling is the process of coordinate based representation of any surface of an object in three dimensions via specialized software by manipulating edges, vertices, and polygons in simulated 3D space personalized 3D printed models of objects that have been scanned, designed in CAD software and then printed to the customer requirements. Smart manufacturing utilizes big data analytics to refine complicated process and manage supply chains smart manufacturing system. Smart manufacturing solutions combine technologies and automation to increase factory efficiencies and profitability. They create an intelligent production environment through data analytics, connectivity, and integrated simulations that address situations in real-time to ensure that output targets are achieved.

Mr. Mahamad Suleman Nadaf, Proprietor, AL-Fateh Engineering Works

Smart manufacturing

FWC2023-DGT-001 • Digitalisation


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