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If the method of opening and closing the door of the vehicle could be changed and selected in various situations, it would provide convenience and usefulness to customers. This is a study on the new operating mechanism system that can freely change methods of opening and closing from the perspective of closure diversification. In the various types of vehicle doors, we conducted an analysis on a swing door and a sliding door, which are the most common. First, the characteristics of each door type were compared through analysis of customer usage scenarios. And the operation mechanism of each door type was analyzed using the kinematics theory as a base. In addition, by utilizing the TRIZ methodology, a variety of ideas related to the conversion mechanism of door type were discovered and derived. The advantages and disadvantages of the swing door and the sliding door are clear and contradict each other. The swing door can be operated with a small operating force within a short time. On the other hand, the opening amount of the door is not large, so the space for getting on and off is limited. And it is difficult to open and close the door in a narrow parking lot. The sliding door secures a wide space for getting on and off when it is opened, and it can be operated even in a narrow space. However, it takes a long time to open and close, and it requires a rather high force for passengers to operate it. From a kinematic point of view, these two types have totally different mechanism structures. The swing door is operated in two-dimensional rotation through hinge parts with one axis connecting two plates. And the sliding door is operated in three-dimensional rotation through two plates with one axis and a bearing moves along a guide rail of a car body. Since they are operated by completely different mechanisms, it is complicated and difficult to convert them kinematically into each other. In order to discover and derive new and creative ideas that had never existed before, we used the TRIZ technique and various analysis methods. However, when applying them to the new system, other problems arose that needed to be addressed. After solving the serial problems, we finally got the result of the new integrated system. The new system that converts into a swing door and a sliding door compensates for each disadvantage and obtains only each advantage. It can be used as a swing door in situations where boarding simply and quickly, or as a sliding door when loading large luggage or getting on and off in a confined space. According to the customer's situation, the door closure methods can be freely selected and used. It is a new attempt that can provide novelty and convenience to them.

Mr. Je Won Choi, Research Engineer, Hyundai Motor Company

A Study on the Diversification Structure of Door Closure Methods

FWC2023-CFT-007 • Comfort technologies


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