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Mobility is at the heart of human development and is a fundamental right to which every human being is entitled. As the world is developing and world population is growing, the need for mobility is increasing, with significant and irreversible consequences on the environment.

Providing more mobility with less impact on climate, biodiversity, health, and safety is the major challenge all companies of the mobility industry have to face. 

As a company with a long-standing commitment to sustainable mobility, Michelin must be a leader in facing this challenge and sees this shift as an opportunity to value our technological leadership and innovation capacity.

We set ambitious objectives on the reduction of the environmental impact of our activities, from design to production, logistics, usage and end of life.

At the heart of this approach, is the deployment of Eco design, to develop better, safer products with less material, using less fuel, providing more kilometers.

LCA is becoming our compass and the driver of our decisions. This presentation will focus on the method we used to deploy the approach, the maturity of eco design and how we manage this change within the company.

Michelin: Philippe Jacquin

Life Cycle Assessment at the heart of Michelin sustainable approach

WMS2022-01 • Slides • FISITA World Mobility Summit 2022


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