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Internal combustion engines have an operating efficiency which can be exploited to increase their performance. Part of the residual gases can be recovered through technical solutions such as turbocharging. The turbocharging solution is one of the most popular technical solutions for increasing the energy performance of internal combustion engines. A turbocharger is used for the turbocharging process. The turbocharger can also contribute with new technical solutions to increase the energy performance of the internal combustion engines. One of the solutions proposed for the theoretical and experimental research is the hybrid turbocharger, which has a double function, namely to compress the fresh air for the internal combustion engine, and to generate electricity for the electric engine of the vehicle both for consumption and to be stored in batteries.

This article aims to present the result of the experimental research of the hybrid turbocharger, simulate and validate the new solutions for increasing the energy performance of internal combustion engines through hybrid turbochargers using a coupled electric generator. The simulations will be made using the AMESim Sofware developed by Siemens to demonstrate the efficiency of the new solutions such as a hybrid turbocharger through calculations. The tests will be carried out with the test bed CIMAT. CIMAT test bed is a machine which provides high pressure air which simulates the combustion gases of an engine.

The purpose of the CIMAT test bed is to rotate the hybrid turbocharger turbine and the compressor wheel as well. More technical information about the hybrid turbocharger test will be presented in the scientific article, as well as constructive details. Based on the technical information and input data in the first phase, an application for the simulation and validation of the prototype will be made to demonstrate the great potential of the turbocharger to also produce green energy.

Ing. Rares Lucian Chiriac, "Transilvania" University, ROMANIA; Prof. Dr.-Ing. Anghel Chiru, "Transilvania" University, ROMANIA

The New Solutions of Energy Utilization of the Exhaust Gases of the Internal Combustion Engines Through Hybrid Turbochargers

F2020-ADM-081 • Paper • FISITA Web Congress 2020 • Advanced Vehicle Driveline and Energy Management (ADM)


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