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Electrification of vehicle components is one of the major development trends in the automotive industry. Within the brake system, this change has already been implemented in parking brakes. The caliper integrated electromechanical parking brake, for example, became standard in a VW Golf VII, currently one of the best-selling cars [1]. Due to the growing demand for EPB systems, many EPB suppliers have entered the market [2]. The combination of high demand and a large number of possible suppliers, leads to strong competition. Apart from technical features, this competition is heavily influenced by economic characteristics. Competition over the development of electromechanical parking brakes (EPB) requires new developments or product optimizations. At the system level, it is necessary to find a combination of components (actuator, rotary to rotary motion gearing and rotary to translational motion gearing), which fulfill all requirements and will be competitive. How individual components influence the performance characteristics of the overall system is not yet known. This knowledge is of great relevance for future EPB design.

Vey Christian, Hoffmann Jens, Winner Hermann; Institute of Automotive Engineering - Technische Universitat Darmstadt, Germany; Continental, Chassis & Safety Division, Germany.

Analytical Investigation Of Design-relevant Parameters Of Electromechanical
Parking Brakes.

EB2017-BSY-010 • Paper • EuroBrake 2017 • BSY


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