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Currently braking industry is facing a massive challenge from the regulatory body to reduce brake system non-exhaust fine dust particles. With this imminent regulation it is imperative to investigate solutions which fulfills current regulatory requirements without compromising on the performance aspects of brake system. Alternative solutions like ceramic brake discs are unthinkable in terms of higher cost and longer development cycle. Currently, the focus is on high-speed laser cladding solution with carbide reinforced powder on the brake disc. The challenge in developing such a cladding solution is multifold as there are many options of carbides and matrix materials, also the coating process optimization shall not be overlooked. From a pad development perspective, it is also complicated as we require a coating optimized formulation since the friction pair on the discs is unprecedented. Metco joining and cladding with TMD friction work together to develop right friction pair to reduce fine dust emission without compromising the performance requirements. This paper describes the comparison between a series brake system and Metco coated brake disc with TMD’s optimized pad solution for a famous high range vehicle application. The results will be discussed for both the system with respect to the performance aspects through AK master test and the corresponding improvement in fine dust emission through Euro7 PMP group recommended WLTP cycle.

Dr. Hossein Najafi, Global Technology Development Manager, Oerlikon Metco AG; Dipl.-Ing. Pawan Kumar, Technical Project Manager, Oerlikon

Double-sided High speed Laser Cladding in Brake Disc Coating: Technical and Production aspects

EB2012-IBC-004 • Paper • EuroBrake 2012 • IBC


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