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The automotive industry’s shift towards electrification and automation is gaining pace and vehicles require more and more electronics and software. Innovative functionalities are mainly driven by software and require the simultaneous interaction of several systems. At the same time, as complexity increases, complexity itself becomes a major entrepreneurial risk for automotive companies. This can only be overcome by applying new strategies and solutions to crack the code of complexity in automotive systems, software and development. Bosch, as a leading provider of automotive embedded systems and software, not only can handle the complexity of modern and future vehicle motion technologies, but also masters them. By anticipating and addressing complexity challenges early on, Bosch is now able to serve future vehicle platforms with comprehensive and complexity-cracking solutions: Vehicle Motion Management from Bosch is the answer to control and coordinate any driving task in the longitudinal, lateral and vertical space. It brings together previously independent control strategies in vehicle guidance and dynamics while incorporating braking, steering, chassis and powertrain systems as a holistic system. Furthermore, Vehicle Motion Management is not just a software solution for controlling vehicles in motion, but a whole ecosystem that also includes new approaches in development, collaboration and business between Bosch and its customers. As a result, car makers are relieved of complex tasks such as the coordination of individual and mutually independent control systems and at the same time benefit from increased performance and innovative vehicle functions. In addition, Bosch Vehicle Motion Management solutions can be scaled across an automobile manufacturer's entire fleet through hardware-software abstraction, portability and flexible in-vehicle deployment. Furthermore, the modular solution and the low dependency between individual functions allow long-term evolution, flexibility of adaptation and upgrades without undue complexity and costs. Complexity in vehicle motion and dynamics control is no longer a burden – complexity was viewed as a challenge and solved with Bosch Vehicle Motion Management.

Mr. Tobias Augustin, Senior Product Manager, Robert Bosch GmbH; Mr. Niccolo Haegele, Project House Leader Vehicle Motion Management, Robert Bosch GmbH

Vehicle motion management – cracking the complexity code of vehicle motion

EB2012-IBC-004 • Paper • EuroBrake 2012 • IBC


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