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Base metals — such as iron ore, copper, aluminium and nickel — are the lifeblood of global industrial production and construction. Shaped by shifts in supply and demand, they are a valuable weathervane of change in the world economy. While attracting less attention than oil prices, metal prices have also been fluctuating strongly since the end of 2003. Metal prices were relatively stable between 1995 and the end of 2003, when demand for metals shifted from advanced economies in the West to emerging markets in the East. The addition of sulfide to the friction material modifies the tribochemistry of the pad/rotor interface, reducing the stick and slip effect, providing a more stable coefficient of friction at high temperatures and reducing the wear. Innovamat is a new Brand born from the collaboration of two well renowned manufacturers of additives for friction materials, Quartz and Rimsa, Rimsa and Quartz, taking advantage of the synergies in between the capabilities of both companies to provide innovative solutions through innovative products to the friction materials industry, and beyond. Our first contribution to those challenges is a comprehensive catalogue of SYNTHETIC SULFIDES designed to replace the LME dependent sulfides, like Tin Sulfides. Discover how our innovative approach to synthetic sulfides contributes to keeping the tribochemistry in the rotor and the pad, providing the same benefit than traditional sulfides based on Tin, Copper or Antimony.

Rimsa Metal Technology S.A: Dr. Carlos Lorenzana, Mrs. Gabriela Macías, Mr. Raúl Artal; Quartz Srl: Dr Ruben Beltrami, Mr. Edoardo Cotilli

Raw materials strategies for the friction industry to become LME independent in the future

EB2022-MDS-024 • Oral • EuroBrake 2022 • Poster


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