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The purpose of this study is to propose the robust design guide of caliper system for reducing noise through understanding the mechanism of the noise generated by the friction of contact area and instability behaviour in a brake system. In general a brake squeal noise is caused by several mechanisms which are self-excited vibration, stick-slip friction, and unstable dynamic behaviour. This paper reviews some relationship between caliper design factors and unstable dynamic behaviour. This paper approaches theoretically to the relationship between the contact stiffness and the behaviour of the pad, reviews the curved deformation and contact stiffness obtained through the analytical and experimental methods by the type of the carrier abutment and verifies the real noise of the brake systems which each abutment is applied to through experimental approaches. This paper reviews theoretically the mechanism between the offset amount of the pad pressure center and the unstable dynamic behaviour of pad and also introduces the relationship between the difference of carrier stiffness by the position of the housing lug and instability behaviour of brake system. Finally, this includes the relationship between friction coefficient of contact area and the noise of brake system. In conclusion, the robust design of caliper for noise reduction is proposed through theoretical, numerical and experimental approach. Also the proposed robust designs were applied to new caliper system.

Jungtaek Hong, Joosang Park, Jinsuk Song, Sungsun Ch. Mando Corporation, Republic of Korea.

Robust Designs For Squeal Induced By Caliper Unstable Behaviours.

EB2017-SVN-008 • Paper • EuroBrake 2017 • SVN


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