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Noise similar to automotive brake squeal can be found in industrial brake-clutches. Although similar study methodology can be used in this field, there is a need to develop a specific model that captures the distinguishing features of this problem, such as the ring shaped contact area and the asymmetric boundary conditions.

Seeking this objective a simple model based in a commercial tribometer has been designed as a first step towards the development of a complete brake-clutch model for squeal prediction.

Experimental and simulation work has been performed and both results have been compared obtaining good correlation. Regarding the experimental work, squeal noise for different pressure and rotation speeds has been attained, presenting repetitive results. Three test cases have been selected, representing low, medium and high pressure and speed conditions. Squeal frequencies of 7, 11 and 14 kHz have been obtained for the three conditions.

In the simulation work, both CEA and transient analysis had been carried out. Mean errors of 3.5% in natural frequencies comparing with EMA results and 4% in squeal frequencies comparing with experimental work have been obtained.

In conclusion, the model is useful for gaining insight into the squeal phenomenon in brakeclutches and helps to develop a specific methodology for this field. In addition, it offers the possibility for the implementation of upgrades in order to study, for instance, the effect of different geometries and methods for squeal suppression.

Ondiz Zarraga, Jose Manuel Abete, Ibai Ulacia - Mondragon University Borja Zabala - Fundación Tekniker Oskar Uzkudun - Goizper S. Coop.

On The Development Of A Simple Model Of A Brakeclutch For Squeal Prediction

EB2014-ST-003 • Paper • EuroBrake 2014 • ST


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