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Increased use of public transport is the preferred strategy nowadays in many countries to reduce congestion and pollution from road traffic. Emission free public transport is a deserved strategy to reduce pollution and congestion in cities round the world. One of the most cost efficient kinds of public electric transport is a trackless vehicle - trolleybus. Trolleybus in general is a fully electric vehicle which can be considered as an excellent object for carrying out investigations aimed on enhancement of its productivity and efficiency. As is well known, operation control of service brake system and secondary brake system (motor braking) is realized with help of one pedal in trolleybus. And there are modes of its joint operation during a braking process. Apparently, control algorithm is demanded for joint operation of these systems during a braking to achieve maximal braking efficiency. Evidently, joint operation of trolleybus traction and brake drives will allow unload wheel brakes and provide the possibility of regenerative braking function. For these purposes it's necessary to develop a control algorithm for joint operation of these vehicle systems which will be match values of electric motor braking torque and driving forces on wheel brakes. The mathematical model of trolleybus braking dynamics has been used for this purpose. Also the operating capacity of developed control algorithm and values of system internal parameters have been estimated during theoretical investigations. Test bench and ride tests have been carried out for trolleybus-321 produced at OJSC "BELKOMMUNMASH" to determine parameters of braking efficiency during joint operation of its traction and brake drives. Validation of developed mathematical model of trolleybus braking dynamics has been evaluated during these tests. Also the efficiency of trolleybus brake system has been analysed in accordance to UNECE Regulation 13.

Safonau, Andrei, Tretsiak*, Dzmitry, Belarusian National Technical University, Belarus

Control Algorithm For Joint Operation Of Trolleybus Traction And Brake
Drives To Achieve Maximum Braking Efficiency And Regenerative Power

EB2013-BHE-003 • Paper • EuroBrake 2013 • Braking in Hybrid and Electric (BHE)


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