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Development of brakes as components of automotive control systems like ABS or ESC requires complex experimentations with related testing equipment. First of all it concerns investigations to estimate the influence of brake system dynamics on the robustness and stability of the control algorithm. On the other hand, the brake performance or NVH properties give additional impact factors for the control system operation. Within this scope the paper introduces the concept and the first implementation results of the Test-Rig-In-the-Loop (TRIL) tool.

The TRIL architecture presents a combination of two different types of testing technique - the brake dynamometer and the hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) brake rig. This combination allows the direct control of the brake installed on dynamometer through a hydraulic actuation in accordance with the algorithm logic provided by the HIL system. It makes possible the assessment of the performance-related and tribological brake parameters under diverse HIL-simulated vehicle manoeuvres. The TRIL architecture can be advanced with additional test equipment allowing deeper understanding of auxiliary phenomena like brake particle emissions or noise propagation during the brake control.

Addressing the TRIL issues, the presented work discusses:

  • Analysis of different Test-Rig-In-the-Loop configurations;

  • Example of the TRIL architecture realized at Ilmenau University of Technology;

  • Case study of the TRIL implementation

The proposed test solution can find a good application for development of advanced strategies of brake control with simultaneous improving of safety and brake performance.

Augsburg, Klaus, Gramstat, Sebastian, Horn, Rüdiger, Ivanov, Valentin*, Sachse, Hannes - Ilmenau University of Technology Shyrokau, Barys - Nanyang Technological University

Test-Rig-in-the-Loop (TRIL) Application to Controllable Brake Processes

EB2012-TM-16 • Paper • EuroBrake 2012 • Testing & Measurement (TM)


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