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Mr. John Smith

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This research paper describes the process of utilizing road testing vibration data measured from a passenger vehicle carrier system to implement an equivalent, accelerated multi-axis simulation table (MAST) durability test. Vibration data from the system from four triaxial accelerometers were collected during an extended, proving ground test track campaign. Individual channel time data were converted into frequency spectra and then Fatigue Damage Spectra (FDS). Care and engineering judgement were taken in the selection of combinations of measurements to determine equivalent, 6 degree-of-freedom (DOF) accelerations of the centroid. FDS were calculated for each DOF for use as a target baseline for subsequent comparison of MAST-realised performance. Accelerations were integrated to velocity, the preferred vibration parameter, with detrending and a high-pass filter implemented thereafter. Taking into account the capacity of the MAST, an accelerated test duration reduction of 6-fold was considered achievable, requiring a time series level amplification of 127% vs. the measured signal. The frame-mounted test sample was instrumented similarly to in the test track with signals from the four triax's being captured alongside in a standalone DAQ. Processing the measured accelerometer signals in the same way as the raw test track testing data, FDS agreement was compared, validating the approach to confirm this new capability at UTS Tech Lab, Sydney.

University of Technology Sydney: Shilei Zhou, David Eager, Benjamin Halkon; Rhino Rack Australia Pty Limited: Colin Schwecke, Nicholas Clarke

Research, development and implementation of an accelerated fatigue testing procedure for a vehicle carrier system

APAC-21-196 • Paper


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