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Mr. John Smith

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Mr. Seung Bok Kim, Sun Bee Instruments, REPUBLIC OF KOREA

Pad thickness variation measurement is done by hand manually so far and the measurement area is limited like around 10 points depend on the pad size due to the complicate marking and measuring method .

With the circumstance , reliability and accuracy could not be guaranteed against other fields are automated .

Our engineering team is developing Pad Thickness Automatic Measuring System ( PTAMS ).

PTAMS is consist of Universal concept of pad grip and feeding module that adapts various kind of shape and size

of pad and feed to the sensing area. Non-contact type of displacement sensors scan scan full surface of both

friction and back plate side at the same time to measure thickness distribution .

The sensors are mounted on the air bearing slide that enable vibration free movement along with fine flatness

that maintain stable accuracy to be long lasted.

PC based control and data acquisition system enable us to compose scanning widths and mapping conditions for the full surface so that we can investigate full or certain area of wear out ratio or trend freely .

Versatile analyzing software offers historical abrasion trend and 3D image of profile that helps investigating

geometrical variation of friction part and back plate etc.

PTMAS serves hand free , scrip free and enhance accuracy , reliability and investigation .

Automatic Pad Thickness Variation Tester

EB2021-STP-017 • Poster + Pitch • EuroBrake 2021 • POS


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