Corporate and New Technology members have the opportunity to drive collaborative conversations, events and output material with other FISITA members. Membership is open to companies that employ or provide services for engineers in the mobility industry, including automotive OEMs, Tier Ones, semiconductor companies, energy providers, material and chemical suppliers, and software companies from all over the world. There are also ways for Automotive Engineering Societies, educational institutions and industry associations to join FISITA activities.

Introduction to FISITA

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Strategic Partners

Larger, established companies gain direct access to FISITA’s activities as Corporate members, while newly established companies focusing on emerging technology areas are invited to join as New Technology members. Corporate members pay £8,750 a year and New Technology members pay £2,500 a year. Click on the links in the text to find out more about the different types of membership.  

The key benefit of FISITA membership is knowledge sharing with industry peers and the collaborative development of thought leadership in the industry. Members also gain discounted (and often free) access to FISITA output materials and events, and they are invited to deliver papers, participate in working groups, contribute to the preparation of FISITA events and output papers, work together on student opportunity and life-long learning programmes, and collaborate to make the future of mobility safer, cleaner and more accessible.

How are the membership fees spent?

FISITA is a membership organisation run in a profit-neutral fashion. Membership, sponsorship and event fees fund FISITA activities with a portion of any surplus being channelled into the FISITA Foundation to help fund the FISITA Student Travel Bursary programme.

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