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FISITA Support for Conferences

ConferenceFISITA currently provides recognition for its member events and conferences via two levels of support; ‘Patronage’ and ‘Supported by’. As we transition from the traditional automotive to a mobility systems environment we need to keep pace with these rapid changes and deliver the highest level of recognition within the global mobility events and conference landscape.

With the support of its Executive Board and Technical Committee, ‘Endorsed by FISITA’ has been created to acknowledge high quality, international technical events and conferences delivered through the international FISITA membership network. The existing ‘Patronage’ and ‘Supported by’ offering will be phased out and replaced with this new and improved international recognition of quality.

This new status will replace ‘Patronage’ and Supported by’ and create a new and improved international recognition of quality. For events and conferences that do not reach Endorsed by FISITA’ standard will continue to be supported through listings in our International Automotive Diary of Events along with exciting new initiatives that included online Advice and Support and access to our Database of Experts who are part of the international FISITA network of industry and academic professionals.

For those Member Societies who wish to make final applications for ‘FISITA Patronage’ or ‘Supported by FISITA’ status the closing date is October the 31st 2018.

Forms for ‘FISITA Patronage’ and ‘Supported by FISITA’ can be downloaded below. 

Applications for ‘Endorsed by FISITA can be made online from the 17th September here.

Questions should be directed to Robert Sydee.

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